The Basics of heatsink

Nowadays most people are usually very busy – both in business and in private life. The more actions one has to perform and the more unforeseen things happen, the more stressful it is to keep anything under control. This is where heatsink comes into play.

Intelligent prioritization
heatsink is designed to bring your actions into the optimal sequence. During a typical high-stress day in the office it can sometimes be difficult to make the best choices of when to do what. heatsink’s dynamic algorithm ensures that things that matter will be done first.

Personal scheduling according to YOUR TIMETABLE
heatsink ensures only actions that you CAN and WANT to perform in that moment are on your list. heatsink takes your weekly timetable of working locations and roles into account. Heatsink is also synced with your phone’s calendar and considers calendar appointments that can interfere with your actions. Therefore, you can ensure that everything important gets done while you have time for recreation and anything that keeps you in balance.

How it works


In heatsink you can define a TIMETABLE that determines how your week should be arranged.

By LOCATION: You can only perform actions that need to be performed in the office when you actually are in the office. When are you normally at the office? The same with your home. You can perform home actions only at home. When are you at home?

By ROLE: You can define which roles you take during the week. In general, most people act in the BUSINESS and the PERSONAL role. When do you want to deal with work themes? Do you want to deal with work during the weekend, or not? When do you want to deal with personal matters? In heatsink you can define roles as you need them and assign certain actions to specific roles. For example:

  • in your BUSINESS life you have a certain role e.g. as a IT-Administrator or a women’s officer
  • in your PERSONAL life you are a team manager at your sports club or a parent representative at your kids’ school


To perform an action there are mostly certain requirements. For some actions you need a computer (e.g. reviewing the performance report for last month), for others you have to be physically at home (e.g. mowing the lawn). We call these constraints “requirements”. And you can only perform an action when this requirement is met at that moment.

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