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Productivity app – heatsink

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About this productivity app

What is heatsink?

heatsink is a dramatically different productivity app. Unlike other productivity apps heatsink aims to free up your time while you’re being productive. This approach gives you balance and personal freedom.

heatsink’s intelligent algorithm prioritizes your daily tasks and tells you what you can do next. So heatsink acts as your personal scheduling assistant and helps you to choose the right action at the right time.

This productivity app is for…

  • …people in high-stress business environments with parallel projects, conflicting roles, limited capacity and unforgiving timelines,
  • …employees, managers, entrepreneurs, consultants – or mums & dads,
  • everyone who wants to get organized.

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Developed in Practice

The heatsink productivity app has been developed by management consultants for their own use. So, this productivity app is developed in practice and put to practice straight away.

heatsink is inspired by both David Allen’s “Getting Things Done methodology and by Tim Ferriss’s bestseller “The 4-Hour Workweek“- marrying these at first sight contradictory approaches into a digital life balance solution!

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heatsink schedule

For a limited period! Get the full function version free of charge lifelong.

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What is special about this productivity app?

Fast Action Entry

Every second counts when you capture actions. heatsink does not use needless animations or other bells and whistles and focuses on speed-of-use.

Super-Fast Voice Capture

Capture your actions in as little as 3 seconds with our super-accessible Audio Action Capture.

Photo Capture

Take photos of action items in order to save time typing details.

Intelligent Scheduling

heatsink optimizes the order you tackle your actions in - based on your workload and your availability. So you’ll accomplish your optimum productivity level.

Calendar Consideration

heatsink only considers the time that you don’t spend in meetings - directly from your phone’s calendar – giving you realistic choices of when to do what.

Calendar Integration

heatsink actions are reflected onto your phone’s calendar or after setting it up also in your desktop calendar. heatsink actions are synchronized with your heatsink schedule. This gives you a perfect overview of your heatsink actions and local calendar entries.

Weekly Timetable

Define when you can and when you want to be productive. heatsink will make your week work.

Initial working style templates

When creating a new heatsink account choose from four profile templates that best match your working style.

Cloud Sync

Use it on your phone. Use it on your tablet. Everything will be synced!

Full Offline Functionality

Your productivity solution needs to work when reception is weak. heatsink does!


We respect your privacy. Your personal actions are as private as it gets. We respect that. We do not make any use of your data. It’s just for you.


SSL encrypted connection. Servers located in Germany subject to the strictest data protection standards.

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heatsink adds a day to your week

Spend your mental capacity wisely

There are many different types of decisions you make every day – major and minor. A few may be big. Most are not: What do I eat tonight? Should I wear the black mock turtleneck today? Or: What actions should I be taking next? Each decision takes time and energy and there’s a limit to the number of conscious decisions you can make before you feel decision fatigue.

Let heatsink help you improve productivity and life balance

You have to make the decision of what to do next dozens of times each day. Prioritizing your actions can cause a big blockage in your decision budget. That’s where heatsink comes into play: heatsink recommends which of your actions to do next. You save time every time. In business and at home. Saving chunks of ten seconds dozens of times per day and spending it on the right actions adds up. Add a day to your week. A day to spend on your life balance – with your children, spouse, friends or yourself.

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For a limited period! Get the full function version free of charge lifelong.

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